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Specification Evarts Class

289.5 feet (overall)
35.0 feet
9.0 feet (fully loaded)
1,360 tons (fully loaded)
2off Solid Manganese Bronze 8.5 feet each
Bunkers and Radius
126 tons(Oil Fuel) 5,000 miles at 15 knots
Maximum Speed
19 knots(Many ships were capable of (21/22knots)
Main Guns
3 x 3 inch/50 Mk22 Dual purpose open mounts and fired fixed shot (anti-aircraft, armour piercing or starshell) and had a range of 14,600 yards at 45 degrees and an anti aircraft ceiling of 28,000 feet.
Anti aircraft Guns
7 x 20mm single mount Oerlikon cannon positioned one in front of the bridge behind and above B gun also one each side of B gun in pods and two each side of the ship in pods just abaft the funnel (some of the ships had an extra Oerlikon fitted on top of the superstructure midships, the odd ship had a twin 40mm Bofas gun instead of the extra Oerlikon.
British designed ahead throwing mortar which fired 24 bombs ahead of the ship, this was situated between A and B guns.
Depth Charges
Approximately 200 depth charges were carried. Two sets of double rails at the stern held 24 per set. Two K gun throwers each holding five charges were situated each side of the ship just forward of the aft depth charge rails. Just forward of these, double ready rails extending to midships were fitted each side of the ship holding approximately sixty charges per side (these ready rails were added after the ships arrived back in the U.K.
Type SL Surface search fixed to mast above yard arm and type SA Air search only fitted to certain ships.
Asdic (Sonar)
Type128D or Type 144 both in retractable dome.
Direction Finding
MF Direction Finding antenna fitted in front of the bridge and HF/DF Type FH 4 antenna fitted on top of mast.