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U−Boat sinkings by Captain Class Frigates

We have not included other ships (non Captain) or aircraft which were involved in the destruction of some of the U-Boats. In addition Captain Class Frigates which operated with our Coastal Forces, (Motor Torpedo Boats and Motor Gun Boats) sank three two Man Submarines, and were involved in the destruction of 20 - 30 E-Boats, One KFK Lighter, Two Minesweepers, and the shooting down a Junkers 88 Bomber.

This is a revised list of U-Boat sinkings in the light of new information.
Date           U−Boat Position Sunk   Ships Fate of U−Boat Crew
17/10/1943 U−841 59.57N-31.06W Byard 27 Lost
27 Survivors
21/11/1943 U−538 45.40N-19.35W Foley 55 All Lost
23/11/1943 U−648 42.40N-20.37W Bazely, Blackwood, Drury 50 All Lost
25/11/1943 U−600 40.31N-22.07W Bazely, Blackwood 54 All Lost
08/01/1944 U−757 50.33N-18.03W Bayntun 49 All Lost
26/02/1944 U−91 49.45N-26.20W Affleck, Gore, Gould 36 Lost
16 Survivors
01/03/1944 U−358 45.46N-23.16W Affleck, Gore, Gould, Garlies 50 Lost
1 Survivor
16/03/1944 U−392 35.55N-05.41W Affleck 52 All Lost
06/05/1944 U−765 52.30N-28.28W Bickerton, Bligh, Aylmer 37 Lost
11 Survivors
25/06/1944 U−269 50.01N-02.59W Bickerton 13 Lost
39 Survivors
29/06/1944 U−988 49.37N-03.41W Duckworth, Cooke, Dommet, Essington 50 All Lost
18/07/1944 U−672 50.03N-02.30W Balfour 52 Survivors
21/07/1944 U−212 50.27N-00.13W Curzon, Ekins 49 All Lost
26/07/1944 U−214 49.58N-03.30W Cooke 48 All Lost
05/08/1944 U−671 50.23N-00.06E Stayner 47 Lost
5 Survivors
14/08/1944 U−618 47.22N-04.39W Duckworth, Essington 61 All Lost
24/08/1944 U−445 47.21N-05.50W Louis 52 All Lost
26/01/1945 U−1051 53.39N-05.23W Aylmer, Bentinck, Calder, Manners 47 All Lost
27/01/1945 U−1172 52.24N-05.42W Tyler, Keats, Bligh 52−All Lost
03/02/1945 U−1279 61.21N-02.00E Bayntun, Braithwaite 48 All Lost
14/02/1945 U−989 61.36N-01.35W Bayntun, Braithwaite 47 All Lost
17/02/1945 U−1278 61.32N-01.36E Bayntun 48 All Lost
27/02/1945 U−1208 49.56N-06.06W Duckworth, Rowley 49 All Lost
26/03/1945 U−399 49.56N-05.22W Duckworth 46 Lost
1 Survivor
27/03/1945 U−722 57.09N-06.55W Fitzroy, Redmill, Byron 44 All Lost
27/03/1945 U−905 58.34N-05.46W Conn 45 All Lost
29/03/1945 U−1169 49.58N-05.25W Duckworth, Rowley 49 All Lost
30/03/1945 U−965 58.19N-05.31W Conn, Rupert, Deane 51 All Lost
08/04/1945 U−1001 49.19N-10.23W Fitzroy, Byron 45 All Lost
08/04/1945 U−774 49.58N-11.51W Bentinck, Calder 44 All Lost
15/04/1945 U−1063 50.08N-03.53W Cranstoun, Burgess 29 Lost
17 Survivors
15/04/1945 U−285 50.13N-12.48W Grindall, Keats 44 All Lost
21/04/1945 U−636 55.50N-10.31W Bentinck, Bazely, Drury 42 All Lost
29/04/1945 U−286 69.29N-33.37E Cotton 51 All Lost

We would like to give a special thank you to Guðmundur Helgason of for help in collating the information on this page.