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Roll call of Captain Class Frigates sunk or seriously damaged

1st Escort Group
01/03/1944 HMS Goud: Torpedoed and sunk by U 358 north east of the zores in position 45.23N 23.16W Number of crew killed 124.

01/11/1944 HMS Whitaker: Torpedoed by U483 off Loch Swilly in position 55.30N 07.39W seriously damaged, and towed back to Belfast. Constructive Total Loss (CTL) Number of crew killed 79.

26/12/1944 HMS Capel: Torpedoed by one of two torpedoes fired by U 486 north west of Cap de la Hague she sank having had her bows blown off. Number of crew killed 80.

26/12/1944 HMS Affleck: Hit by the second torpedo fired by U 486 which seriously damaged her stern. She was towed back to port and assessed as a CTL. Number of crew killed 9.

3rd Escort Group
15/06/1944 HMS Blackwood: Torpedoed by U764 North of Cap de la Hague, in position 50.07N - 02.15W forward part of ship blown off, the hulk sank at 04.10Hrs the next morning. Number of crew killed 57.

5th Escort Group
26/06/1944 HMS Goodson: Torpedoed by U 984 approximately 38 miles south of Portland Bill in position 50.00N 02.48W badly damaged towed back to port and assessed as a CTL Number of crew killed 0.

22/08/1944 HMS Bickerton: Torpedoed by U354 during operation GOODWOOD in the Barents Sea, in position 72.42N 19.11E seriously damaged and ship abandoned, sunk by own forces. Number of crew killed 37.

Coastal Forces Control Frigates (CFCF's)
05/07/1944 HMS Trollope: Torpedoed by an E-Boat 10 miles west of Cap d´ Antifer which blew off her bow section, after being towed back to Portsmouth, she was declared a CTL. Number of crew killed 65.

30/11/1944 HMS Duff: Hit a mine north west of Ostend on her way back to Harwich which exploded under her forward boiler room causing considerable damage, she made it back to Harwich under her own power. Written off as a CTL. Number of crew killed 3.

Nore Command
11/06/1944 HMS Halstead: Torpedoed by an E-Boat in mid channel off Normandy which blew off her bow section,. Back in port she was written off as CTL. Number of crew killed 21.

15/04/1945 HMS Ekins: Hit two ground mines in the Scheldt Estuary, towed back to port and put into dry dock, when water was pumped out,she broke her back. Written off as CTL Number of crew killed 0.

25/12/1944 HMS Dakins: Hit a ground mine north west of Ostend, she was towed into Antwerp where she was declared CTL. Number of crew killed 0.

Headquarters Ships
08/06/1944 HMS Lawford: Hit by a Glider bomb in her hull,port side midships by a German aircraft, which blew out the bottom of the ship which quickly sank, off J1 Sector of GOLD Beach on D-Day+2. Number of crew killed 24.

15th Escort Group
02/11/1944 HMS Mounsey: Torpedoed by U295 outside the Kola Inlet but managed to limp back to Polyarnoe where she was patched up by the Russians and managed to get back to Belfast before Christmas for permanent repairs. Number of crew killed 11.

21st Escort Group
27/04/1945 HMS Redmill: Torpedoed by U1105 25 miles west of Blacksod Bay, Southern Ireland in position 54.23N 10.36W towed in to port with serious damage. Written off as a CTL Number of crew killed 24.

MIXED Escort Groups (ie; Destroyer, Frigates and Corvettes)
06/12/1944 HMS Bullen (19th EG): Torpedoed midships by U775 and sunk, N W of Cape Wrath in position 58.42N 04.12W Number of crew killed 55.

26/01/1945 HMS Manners (B2 EG): Torpedoed by U1051 twice, the second torpedo blowing off her stern, in position 53-29.5N 05-09W 21 miles from the Skerries Light north of Anglesey. She was towed back to Barrow-in-Furness and declared a CTL Number of crew killed 43.

29/04/1945 HMS Goodall (19th EG): Torpedoed by U 286 outside the Kola Inlet 69.29N 33.38E. She was the last British ship sunk in the European theatre of World War Two. Number of crew killed 61.